Start with a private session

If you haven’t done pilates before, have injuries/health conditions or simply not sure whether you want to join a mat class or work on the apparatus then we recommend you begin with a private session where we can assess you, guide and prepare you, showing the basics so you can get the maximum benefit out of your classes. Introduction sessions will help you develop confidence to embark on our unique way of training

Choose Your Class

If you have decided you want to join a mat class, click below to browse through our range of classes where you will find a breakdown of what each class offers and also the suitability level.

How to Book

Please email us using the contact page or call us on 07724 734968 to book your first private session or preferred mat class. We will email you a client registration form or you can complete it here. We will also email you a mat class booking form in order to choose the classes you wish to attend in the current block. Private apparatus and small group classes are booked by mutually agreed appointments.