Pilates Apparatus

Apparatus sessions are the Signature Service at Spirit of Pilates. Clients often choose equipment sessions because they are new to pilates, recovering from an injury, want to deepen their practice, or prefer to take a class individually or be part of a smaller group. Bespoke pilates equipment requires you to work with springs and resistance while focusing on alignment to help you improve your posture, gain better balance and increase stability, especially when in motion. A well connected, stable body moves well and is less prone to injury. The low impact means your joints will be thankful too. Equipment sessions are available as private or part of a small group (max 4).

Private Sessions

Focused Driven Results

Private sessions offer you personal space, expertise and dedicated time. Whatever your goal, we work with you to make it happen. With our support, dedication and passion, the impossible becomes possible. From bespoke personal training, introductions to classes, rehabilitation or specialised focus needs such as pregnancy – we commit to you. Because your body and your goals are unique, each session is unique to you, for you. Exclusive, individual results.

Duo & Small Groups

Enhance, Empower and Energise

Working in a duo or small group (max of 4) is more economical than private sessions but still allows for plenty of individual assessment and guidance from the instructor.

Introduction to Pilates

This is the ideal way to start your Pilates’ journey. We assess you, guide and prepare you, showing the basics so you can get the maximum benefit out of your classes. Introduction sessions will help you develop confidence to embark on our unique way of training.

Injury + pain management

Pilates is a holistic form of exercise that considers how the body functions as a whole. We work with you by meeting you where you are today in mind and body and then take you where you want to go. By committing to you with our extensive knowledge, support and just the right amount of encouragement, we help you restore full fitness so you move better, free from pain.

Bespoke personal training

Together we can always achieve more. Your dedication combined with our knowledge and passion, anything is possible. We draw upon our skills as trainers to enhance, empower and inspire. Strength is more than physical, it is a state of mind. Whatever your goal, private training can bring your best results.

Pre+ post-natal

At such a special time in your life, it is important you look after yourself and your body. Both in pregnancy and recovery from childbirth, your body goes through amazing transformations. We can help with keeping you active safely, boosting your circulation, contributing to higher energy levels and increasing your overall wellbeing.